Fully Synthetic High Performance Lubricants

Marque Lubricants offers a range of fully synthetic products designed for long drain/ extended service life.

In keeping with the Marque Lubricants policy “to provide quality products that meet specification requirements and to provide service that exceeds our customers’ expectations”, the Syntech range offers some of the highest specified products to ensure confidence in performance each and every time.

The Syntech range is manufactured using the highest quality synthetic base oils available, ensuring the Marque Lubricants name you have come to trust continues Protecting Your Investment.

This range includes:
• Syntech L 5W/30 SM/CF
• Syntech M 5W/40 SM/CF
• Syntech H 5W/50 SL/CF
• Eurotech E6 10W/40 CI-4/E6
• Power Drive LS 80W/140
• Super Shift LS 75W/90
• Syntech Multi-Trans
• Syndraulic Synthetic Hydraulic Oil

• Synthetic Grease

Benefits of using the Marque Lubricants Syntech Range:


Syntech motor oils are formulated for use in mechanically sound engines. In such engines, oil consumption will actually be reduced. This is becasue of the lower volatility of synthetic lubricants and because of the better sealing characterisitics between piston rings and cylinder walls on a mechanically sound engine. Synthetic lubricants also have superior oxidation stability (i.e. resistance against reacting with oxygen at high temperatures).

Synthetics are also more resistanct to sludge development because of their higher flash points and their ability to withstand evaporation loss and oxidation.

Marque Lubricants Syntech products also provide better chemical and shear stability, resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown. Syntech lubricants have been formulated to improve fuel economy in certain configurations and to give better lubrication during extreme cold weather starts. Other benefitsof using synthetic lubricants are; longer engine life, superior protection against ash and other deposits formed in engine hot spots (mostly in turbochargers and superchargers) for less oil burn off and reduced chances of clogging oil passageways. Synthetics also have less inital drag on the engine giving increased horsepower and torque.